FO Friday: Farfalla in Fall

I’ll be catching up on FOs for the next few weeks … and it’s a good thing I have a bit of a backlog of un-blogged projects, because everything I’m working on is TAKING FOREVER. I really want to cast on something (anything!) new, but I really really can’t. I have a bunch of “big” projects on the needles, and two things due to publishers, and new design projects waiting ever-so-impatiently in the wings …  But, enough whinging! I bring you … Farfalla!

Project: Farfalla in Fall

Pattern: Farfalla

Designer: Christiane Burkhard

Available: $6 on Ravelry

Yarn: A Hundred Ravens Iachos

This is a well-written and fun-to-knit pattern that makes good use of variegated yarn. I seriously enjoyed the whole thing! High marks to Christiane Burkhard, aka “Lismi Knits.”


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