FO Friday: Wave Goodbye to Socks


Project: Wave Goodbye to Socks

Pattern: Johnson’s Wave

Designer: Claire Ellen

Available: FREE on Ravelry

Yarn: Claudia Hand-Painted in “Antique Jeans”

This is the fifth and final pair of socks commissioned by my mom — I was glad to deliver them to her!  I’ve made a LOT of socks over the years, but I haven’t made enough for me lately.  Some of my first pairs are slowly giving up the ghost — worn beyond repair.  Le sigh. Time to make more socks for me! 🙂

Johnson’s Wave is an excellent sock pattern — high marks!


2 thoughts on “FO Friday: Wave Goodbye to Socks

  1. That’s what happened to me last year, old socks wearing out. So this year every other sock was for me, plus I am now reinforcing all my heels.

    1. Mine seem to wear through at the ball of the foot … and in a rather large area. I’m leaning towards the “let it go” philosophy, since some of these socks have stood up to years of abuse! I wear my hand-knit socks in sneakers in the summer :).

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