New Patterns Released: Twins and Entwined, Cabled Mug Cozies

Announcing my two latest patterns: Twins and Entwined, two cabled mug cozies!  Both are available FREE on Ravelry, so go download a copy today.



I designed this pair of patterns for my upcoming “Intro to Cabling” class at the Hub Mills Store. The class is two hours long and costs $20.  I’m offering it twice in the near future, on Saturday, April 21st, and Saturday, May 19th, from 10AM – noon.  “Twins” is the simpler of the two patterns, intended for the knitter who is totally new to cables.  “Entwined” is a bit more complex (though not as much as you might think!), meant for a knitter who has done a bit of cabling before, or an adventurous novice.

If you’d like to take my class, call (978) 408-2176 or email to reserve a seat.

Both cozies take less than 50 yards of worsted-weight yarn, plus two buttons, and can be finished in a single day.  Both are also appropriate for learning how to cable without a cable needle — something I will also teach in class, because I think it makes cabling SO much quicker and easier.




Cast-On Monday

This week I cast on (and finished) a wrist-strap cozy for my new i-Pod Nano. I’ve been using it every day since I finished it — love it!

2400 ipod cozy

I also cast on (for swatching) for a Ruched Yoke Tee (for me!) made from Cascade Ultra Pima. I bought this yarn on sale at a new yarn shop, Unforgettable Yarns, that has sprung up in a corner of the Andover Book Store. I swatched with a bit of this yarn at the Grand Opening and it is soft and shiny and purely lovely in every way.

2423 Cascade Ultra Pima

New Pattern Release: iPod Nano Wrist-Strap Cozy

About a week ago my fourth (!) iPod gave up the  ghost.  It was a great little 5th-gen Nano in shiny purple.  But, three of the four directional buttons no longer worked, so off to the recycling plant with it!  I bought a 6th-gen Nano — newly tiny, and (joy of joys) with only a touch screen and no button wheel at all. Yay!

And what does a cute lime-green iPod need? A cozy, of course!

2399 ipod cozy

I used a few dozen yards of left-over sock yarn from my Electric Kool-Aid Socks. The cozy begins with a provisional cast on and a few rows of stockinette. Then stitches are picked up all around the starter strip. The rest of the cozy is worked in the round in a slipped-stitch rib that serves two purposes: it looks cool, and it provides extra padding. The top is finished with an i-cord BO that leads into an i-cord wrist strap.

2406 ipod cozy

This is the third iPod cozy I’ve made, and by now I know what I like in one!  I decided to write up the pattern and share it with the world.

Pattern: iPod Nano Wrist-Strap Cozy

Designer: Rachel Henry (that’s me!)

Available: FREE!

Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight

2405 ipod cozy
I would be delighted to answer any questions or help any knitters working on these patterns.

Ravelry Monday: Caffeinate, My Heaven, and Pull Capriate

First Pick: Caffeinate! Press Style Coffee Maker Cozy, by Coryna Blasko (FREE!)

Um, hooray! What a great way to brighten my day! Anything Doctor Who is awesome, and this Dalek-inspired cozy is extra awesome. It makes me want to buy a coffee press just so I can make a cozy for it.

Second Pick: My Heaven, by Patusha (FREE!)

Oh My Heaven, that’s some pretty lace! Check out blog for Patusha’s Knitting Club for free, beautifully formatting charts and pattern. As of right now, the pattern is available is … some language that uses a different alphabet (but the English version is coming soon).  Experienced lace knitters know that all we really need is the cast on and the charts! 🙂

Third Pick: Pull Capriate, by Carole de Marne (in a book, in French)

I’m just charmed by this knit — even though the pattern book is in French, and even getting the book seems to require speaking French … if I had a little girl who’d wear it, I’d totally learn French :).