New Pattern Release: iPod Nano Wrist-Strap Cozy

About a week ago my fourth (!) iPod gave up the  ghost.  It was a great little 5th-gen Nano in shiny purple.  But, three of the four directional buttons no longer worked, so off to the recycling plant with it!  I bought a 6th-gen Nano — newly tiny, and (joy of joys) with only a touch screen and no button wheel at all. Yay!

And what does a cute lime-green iPod need? A cozy, of course!

2399 ipod cozy

I used a few dozen yards of left-over sock yarn from my Electric Kool-Aid Socks. The cozy begins with a provisional cast on and a few rows of stockinette. Then stitches are picked up all around the starter strip. The rest of the cozy is worked in the round in a slipped-stitch rib that serves two purposes: it looks cool, and it provides extra padding. The top is finished with an i-cord BO that leads into an i-cord wrist strap.

2406 ipod cozy

This is the third iPod cozy I’ve made, and by now I know what I like in one!  I decided to write up the pattern and share it with the world.

Pattern: iPod Nano Wrist-Strap Cozy

Designer: Rachel Henry (that’s me!)

Available: FREE!

Yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight

2405 ipod cozy
I would be delighted to answer any questions or help any knitters working on these patterns.


3 thoughts on “New Pattern Release: iPod Nano Wrist-Strap Cozy

  1. I love this and have added it to my Ravelry library/faves.

    I was confused by the title of this post though… looks like it was copied from a previous project.

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