Mind the Gap: maintenant disponible en français

Ok, so I used google translate for the heading … hopefully it doesn’t say something awful.

Thanks to momotte over at Ravelry, Mind the Gap is now available in French!  This is my first pattern to be translated to another language (that I know of, anyway). How cool is that?  Of course I don’t speak a lick of French (I took German in high school and college), but when momotte asked if she could translate Mind the Gap, I said “Sure!”

The French translation of Mind the Gap is up at her blog, K’fé tricot des Hauts.  Here’s Mind the Gap, as a reminder :).



Ravelry Monday: Caffeinate, My Heaven, and Pull Capriate

First Pick: Caffeinate! Press Style Coffee Maker Cozy, by Coryna Blasko (FREE!)

Um, hooray! What a great way to brighten my day! Anything Doctor Who is awesome, and this Dalek-inspired cozy is extra awesome. It makes me want to buy a coffee press just so I can make a cozy for it.

Second Pick: My Heaven, by Patusha (FREE!)

Oh My Heaven, that’s some pretty lace! Check out blog for Patusha’s Knitting Club for free, beautifully formatting charts and pattern. As of right now, the pattern is available is … some language that uses a different alphabet (but the English version is coming soon).  Experienced lace knitters know that all we really need is the cast on and the charts! 🙂

Third Pick: Pull Capriate, by Carole de Marne (in a book, in French)

I’m just charmed by this knit — even though the pattern book is in French, and even getting the book seems to require speaking French … if I had a little girl who’d wear it, I’d totally learn French :).