FO Friday: Very Orange Hoodie

I finished the big orange hoodie!!


Project: Very Orange Hoodie

Pattern: Hooded Guernsey, highly modified

Designer: Debbie Bliss

Available: in Family Knits, among other sources

Yarn: CEY Duchess


Astute readers may recognize this hoodie as one of my “Finish It or Frog It” projects from January.  See the orange bit in the upper left?  Now it’s a sweater, yay!


I bought two bags of unlabelled Duchess from the back wall at Hub Mills — a great yarn shop (yes, I work them and am justifiably biased) that often has great finds along the back wall.  Off-label and discontinued CEY yarns can often be had for a song! And let’s be honest kids — I wouldn’t normally make a kid’s hoodie out of a cashmere blend yarn, right?


Let’s get on to the mods …

First of all, the pattern calls for DK yarn and only goes up to size 4.  I actually made the size 4 for Eli a few years ago, following the pattern more or less exactly.  When he asked for a new sweater, he wanted the same one, only in orange.  Since bright orange can be tricky to find, I bought the bulky-weight Duchess anyway, knowing I’d have to alter the pattern.

I did a bunch of math to figure out how big the finished size 10-ish sweater should be, and how many stitches I’d need with the Duchess (I got 7 sts/2 in), and went to work.  One major change I made was to work the body and sleeves in the round.  I also worked the inside of the kangaroo pocket from picked-up stitches, to avoid sewing later on.  I did use 3-needle bind-off for the shoulders, to give it a bit of structure.  I worked the hood from a “Judy’s magic cast on” center, again to avoid a seam.

To prove that even seasoned knitters can make dorky mistakes, I carefully sewed in the hood …. facing backwards.  Ugh.  Picked it out and sewed it in correctly and was finally done! Eli is pleased, but considers it a bit TOO large — I made a classic mom error and knit with next fall in mind.  But, at least I have a good chance of having it fit him in the next cold season.



Cast-on Monday (oops, Tuesday): Howl Cowl, Very Orange Hoodie, and swatches

Between camping out on two consecutive weekends for dog agility trials and an October snowstorm with concomitant power outages, I missed a whole week of posts!  I’ll do my best to catch up this week.

Since last we chatted, I have cast on for two new projects:

My “Howl Cowl” is for Halloween … which, thanks to the aforementioned power outages has not happened yet, so I have another week to finish and still be “on time.”  I’m using KP Stroll Tonal in “Foilage” and Gloss Fingering in “Black.” Absolutely LOVE the pattern and how the cowl is coming out.  I even love the bobbles!

IMG_3012(rev 1)

Eli’s Blue Hoodie has been outgrown and then some — not too surprising, considering I made it in 2007. Eli desires an orange replacement, “just the same but bigger.” His wish is my knitted command — I scored some lovely soft bulky-weight Duchess in Very Orange, for a brand-new Very Orange Hoodie.

IMG_3013(rev 1)


I also cast on for two different swatches, for items I will submit to Classic Elite for consideration for their Winter 2012 booklets.  I have high hopes for my colorwork capelet in Fresco and my lacy/reversible scarf/stole in Wool Bamboo, but I can’t tell you much more than that (or share photos) just yet.