Cast-on Monday (oops, Tuesday): Howl Cowl, Very Orange Hoodie, and swatches

Between camping out on two consecutive weekends for dog agility trials and an October snowstorm with concomitant power outages, I missed a whole week of posts!  I’ll do my best to catch up this week.

Since last we chatted, I have cast on for two new projects:

My “Howl Cowl” is for Halloween … which, thanks to the aforementioned power outages has not happened yet, so I have another week to finish and still be “on time.”  I’m using KP Stroll Tonal in “Foilage” and Gloss Fingering in “Black.” Absolutely LOVE the pattern and how the cowl is coming out.  I even love the bobbles!

IMG_3012(rev 1)

Eli’s Blue Hoodie has been outgrown and then some — not too surprising, considering I made it in 2007. Eli desires an orange replacement, “just the same but bigger.” His wish is my knitted command — I scored some lovely soft bulky-weight Duchess in Very Orange, for a brand-new Very Orange Hoodie.

IMG_3013(rev 1)


I also cast on for two different swatches, for items I will submit to Classic Elite for consideration for their Winter 2012 booklets.  I have high hopes for my colorwork capelet in Fresco and my lacy/reversible scarf/stole in Wool Bamboo, but I can’t tell you much more than that (or share photos) just yet.




2 thoughts on “Cast-on Monday (oops, Tuesday): Howl Cowl, Very Orange Hoodie, and swatches

    1. I’m blushing! I have a few “secrets” — first, I knit really, really fast, and I can knit while doing other things (watching TV, reading, waiting in line, etc.). Second, I always have knitting with me (the rose scarf was my “car knitting” for the times when I’m waiting to pick up my carpoool, for example). Third, I’ve given up housework (not completely, but mostly).

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