FO Friday: Bike Helmet Earwarmers for Dad

It’s Friday, and once again I have finished a project, but I can’t share it yet. (Also? This week we brought home our new puppy, Clewe, so we are a tiny bit busy and sleep-deprived. Yelp!) Time to go to the archives for a rewind FO Friday … let’s talk about the simple-yet-efficient earwarmers I made for my Dad.

1195 bike helmet earwarmers

Pattern: Bike Helmet Earwarmers

Designer: Amy O’Neill Houck

Available: FREE! on ravelry

Yarn: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted in Dynamite Blue

My Dad is an avid biker, so much so that he continues biking to work even in bitter cold Idaho winters.  The physical activity can keep most of a biker’s body warm, but ears suffer from lack of circulation and exposure to wind.  Wearing a full hat under a bike helmet makes the head too warm (and perhaps makes the helmet less effective?).  Enter the clever designer, who made this sweet little pattern.  The earwarmers are double-layered and slide right over the straps of the helmet, sitting perfectly in place to protect the vulnerable ears without interfering with the helmet’s function or overheating the rest of the head.

bike helmet earwarmers on my dad

The only mod I did was to make these in the round, rather than working flat and seaming.


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