Ravelry Monday: LEGO Brick Doorstop, Sock Yarn Scrap Bag Cowl, World’s Tiniest White Elephant

First Pick: Lego Brick Doorstop, by lizzyastro (FREE! at instructables.com)

Giant LEGO brick!! Really, nothing more need be said.

Second Pick: Sock Yarn Scrap Bag Cowl, by dorisann allenson (FREE!)

Practical, pretty, useful, and a stash-buster to boot — this pattern would use up all my favorite sock yarn odds and ends and lets me show them off too? Perfect.

Third Pick: World’s Tiniest White Elephant, by Christine Grant ($3.50)

Made from pearl cotton, this teeny-tiny elephant is amazingly detailed. And yes, that is an egg. Wow.  This balances the tiny LEGO brick made large nicely, don’t you think?


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