Ravelry Monday: Fig Leaf, Zylphia Cowl, and Heartland Road Trip Tote

First Pick: Fig Leaf, by Lykkefanten (FREE!)

This one cracks me up! This pattern is begging for some yarn-bombing — more than just tree cozies! Very funny.

Second Pick: Zylphia Cowl, by Stephannie Tallent ($6.00)

This very pretty lace cowl is irresistible.  I tech edited it for the designer, and then immediately cast on.

Third Pick: Heartland Road Trip Tote, by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence ($32.99 for kit, at Knit Picks)

Amazing intarsia! Almost enough to hook me back in … I swore off intarsia in the past, but I really want this bucolic scene!


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