Cast-on Monday: Zaubershawl

Way back in March, I bought this super-colorful Zauberball at Mind’s Eye Yarns in Cambridge, MA.  I had been on a socialization trip with my puppy, Clewe.  The owner was kind enough to invite him inside!
1950 Zauberball 1536


I took so long to decide on a color, he actually fell asleep upside down on the shop floor.  Aw, cute!

1948 Clewe asleep at yarn shop


I tried several different patterns with the Zauberball, with no luck at all … until I decided to try it for the BLK’s September KAL: Sun in Cold Water by Julia Faranchuk.  I cast on Sept 1st, and I’m zipping right along with the pattern.  The colorway is SO much fun — a little out of my usual palette, but there’s nothing wrong with that!  I can’t wait until it’s done and I can block it out.

2837 Zaubershawl in progress


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