Fantasy Queue: Fall 2011 Interweave Knits

I received my Fall 2011 issue of Interweave Knits over a month ago, and although I read it right away, I’m only just now getting around to making up my fantasy queue.  Let’s make this interactive though — tell me true, dear reader, which pattern would you make from this issue, and out of what yarn?

Things I want to try (from articles and ads):

#1 — Strobilus Pullover (p.31)

Mostly I’m intrigued by the construction on this top — biased lace, knit in the round for the body, then split into shoulders that go up and around. I’m not sure if I could pull it off — big chested and all — but I do really like it, at least in theory.   I’d be sorely tempted to try it in KnitPicks Chroma … I guess after my Zaubershawl, I’m on a color-crazy mood.  Maybe Galapagos, or Fossil? Failing that, I might go with the suggested Classic Eliete Ariosa in gorgeous Balsam.




#2 — Dahlia Cardigan (p.76)

I think I’m in love! What a neat way to include lace in a garment! I love the pattern, the construction, the color — everything. This one made it into my for-real queue, and I’ve been right on the edge of buying yarn for it several times. The main thing that’s held me back is the recommended yarn — Serena is an alpaca/cotton blend, something that’s a bit hard to come by. There’s some shops near-ish that may or may not have it, but no indication of what I might have to pay.  I like to peruse online before showing up in a shop and getting hit hard by sticker shock. Provided I could convince myself that all-alpaca yarn would work, I might go with Knit Picks Andean Treasure in their new Royal Heather colorway.


#3 — Wheeled Lace Shawl (p.81)

This looks like it would be a fun lace pattern to knit. The edging is put on after blocking … intriguing! I think it would be extra-dramatic in a bold colorway, like Eggplant Aloft (from Knit Picks).


#4 — True North Mittens (p.98)

This mittens just want to be made in Knit Picks new WotA Tweed! Colorwork mittens are fast and easy in worsted-weight yarn, and I love the reindeer. I think I’d follow the “customize it” suggestion and swap plum out for deep red.  My palette choices: Down Heather, Rabbit Heather, and Barn Door Heather.


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