FO Friday: Ruched Yoke Tee

Back in June I bought some pretty pale violet Cascade Ultra Pima at Unforgettable Yarns in Andover….

2423 Cascade Ultra Pima

A mere three months later, and I have a new summer top!

2818 ruched yoke tee

Project: Purple Ruched Yoke Tee

Pattern: Ruched Yoke Tee

Designer: AnneLena Madison

Available: Interweave Knits, Spring 2011

Yarn: Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima

In general, a great pattern.  Easy to follow, no errors (that I noticed, anyway), etc.  I like the simplicity of the design.  I found it to be great “travel knitting” because of the large swathes of uninterrupted stockinette. Like many other knitters of this pattern, I found the keyhole a bit too large for my taste.   When I put the i-cord edge on the keyhole, I just skipped every third stitch to make it a bit smaller.

I wore it as written for a single evening … and the neckline stretched from “daringly revealing” to “downright scandalous.”  I solved this by adding an applied i-cord edge (matching the keyhole edging nicely), and the top is now quite wearable. One other minor quibble — for me, the CO stitches under the arms weren’t quite enough — I should have added more.  As it is, the fabric stretches a bit too much there (oh well). I also stopped about 10 rows early with the body — it was long enough already.

I really love this top! Comfy and cute. The Ultra Pima has been a dream to work with — soft, pliant, and not at all like most cottons I’ve worked with. Definitely going to use it again!


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