Cast-on Monday: Knit Your Own Dog

I started a special project over the weekend … something I’ve been stalling on, because it is so important to get it right. I’m making a custom knit-dog for a friend who lost her dog recently, without warning.  My “agility family” held a raffle to help cover the vet bills, and I donated a custom-knit dog.  Someone commented to me that they hoped the winner would give it back to the person who lost her dog — and I said, well heck, I can just knit her one regardless. I didn’t want the winner of the raffle to feel like they had to give up their prize.

But, the dog in question is a mixed-breed dog — none of the patterns in the NYOD book are perfect.  Faced with the daunting task of memorialized a beloved companion, with his own unique look, I have waited and pondered and waited some more.  Last night I settled on the right “base” pattern, that I will modify (mostly in color) to achieve a look close to the much-missed original.  Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “Cast-on Monday: Knit Your Own Dog

  1. Wish you all the luck in the world! I lost my dog on December 16th, and I still miss him a LOT!! It’s very difficult without him, he was part of my day, of my life. He was a very sweet Beagle. A friend painted his portrait and I have it in my living room, and it feels good to look because it’s like as he is there alive!! He died with cancer and was in pain so I had to decide to put him to sleep. I can guarantee that it was the most difficult decision I had to make in my life.
    Anyhow wish you all the luck.
    Isabel S./Lisbon-Portugal

    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Beagle — it’s so hard to lose a dog, whether in illness or accident or something else. I’m glad that the portrait of him helps … I’m hoping that my version of a missed pet helps his owner too.

  2. Thanks very much for yr words. Yes, the portrait helps because it’s so very well painted that he looks alive. She managed so well to capture the expression of his eyes that he seems looking at you. I can say that it looks like a photo almost ! I’m sure that yr version of the missed pet will help. I was so touched by this post of yours that I forgot to tell you that I love yr work, sorry.

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