CO Monday: Eye of the Storm

This week I cast on a long-delayed design project.  I’m on Knitty’s designer email list, and the reminder that Deep Fall submissions are due in June lit a fire under my rear.  I have meant to work up this design — I feel like it’s perfect for Knitty, and oh how I dream of having a pattern in Knitty — but I’ve put it off, worked on other things, and so on.  Of course I can’t put any photos up of the project, or even talk about it really, but I can show you the yarn. I’m working on #6’s for a lacy/drapey fabric.  The edge lace pattern I’ve settled on is working up beautifully.  Now all I need is commitment to THIS project (and not the lace KAL, or the cool hat, or the other design project, or the sample for the shop, or or or) so I can get it done, photographed perfectly, and written up Knitty-style by the end of the month.




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