CO Monday: design projects aplenty, plus some cabled mitts

A couple weeks ago, Classic Elite’s Web-letter featured the Fresco Garter Cabled Wristlets. Check out the awesome sample mitts:

I bought some Fresco in Plum (5332) — lovely warm purple — and cast on:


Yes, those are Signature needles. I have a #3 set and a #8 set — both 32″.

I’ve also planned the shawls for my next collection. Like Lovelorn, each of the shawls in Airs Above the Ground will use a single skein (or equivalent) of fingering-weight yarn.  I’ve cast on for the first pattern, which uses Footlights, which is a bit unusual.  Rather than a single 100-gram skein, it is sold in bundles of four 25-gram skeins in coordinating colors, along with a special striped-sock pattern. Of course, I’m not making socks with mine … but I am taking advantage of this special put-up in the first shawl.


As if this weren’t already enough, I’ve also cast on for a very special design project — for an upcoming “What Would Madame DeFarge Knit?” book. I’m so excited to be part of this awesome series.  I have some great yarn in a fabulous color, and it’s knitting up (dare I say) perfectly … I couldn’t be happier.  I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to share, or when, so for now I’m staying mum.


CO Monday: Eye of the Storm

This week I cast on a long-delayed design project.  I’m on Knitty’s designer email list, and the reminder that Deep Fall submissions are due in June lit a fire under my rear.  I have meant to work up this design — I feel like it’s perfect for Knitty, and oh how I dream of having a pattern in Knitty — but I’ve put it off, worked on other things, and so on.  Of course I can’t put any photos up of the project, or even talk about it really, but I can show you the yarn. I’m working on #6’s for a lacy/drapey fabric.  The edge lace pattern I’ve settled on is working up beautifully.  Now all I need is commitment to THIS project (and not the lace KAL, or the cool hat, or the other design project, or the sample for the shop, or or or) so I can get it done, photographed perfectly, and written up Knitty-style by the end of the month.



CO Monday: Soft Purple Kitty Capelet

It’s been almost two weeks since I cast on a new project! I’m not sick, I’m not deranged–I’m just trying to whittle down my WIP count. I actually have finished a bunch of things — Eli’s orange hoodie, the knit Jasper, and the Echo Flower shawl.  Yay!

My new project is another sample for the Hub Mills store: a Noelle Capelet in the called-for yarn, Rowan Lima.  This yarn is heavenly, and I literally begged for the opportunity to knit a sample with it.  Lucky me, I got the thumbs up!  I’ve got the ribbed neckline done — the rest in just raglan increases and stockinette in-the-round. Here’s my color:


CO Monday: Purple Hedgehog Hat, Berringbone Patch Socks, Bam Boo Branches Store Sample, Silver Ribband

Welcome to CO Monday, or (as it shall be known this week) “Have I Lost My Mind?”  I started four new projects this week, even though I already have multiple projects already actively in progress.  Perhaps I am crazy, and believe I have grown extra arms, and need even more projects to keep my extra arms busy.  I hope those extra arms already know how to knit.

I think the cause is simple: I’m getting near the end of many of those WIPs, and I’m anticipating the lull that follows — the panic that sets in when I don’t have enough projects! Eek!

So, here are the four newbies:

Purple Hedgehog Hat — I bought a skein of Mushishi as a courtesy purchase when I checked out Aunt Margaret’s Yarn Shop in Chelmsford, MA.  The main draw of this shop (for me) is that they carry a full line of Knit Picks needles, including interchangeable tips and cables! But, I didn’t need any needles on this visit, so I chose a big cushy skein of purpley yarn.  It has long color repeats, but they aren’t that different from each other.  I’m taking full advantage of the color repeats with the short-row bumps in this hat. I have two bumps done so far :).



Next up: Berringbone Patch Socks.  I haven’t made a pair of socks in quite a while.  It was time.  I’ve had this skein of Stroll Hand-painted around for a while, earmarked for socks … I did change my mind about the socks I was going to make, though.  I’ve decided I really don’t like lacy sock patterns, because they don’t wear as well as more solid patterns. I’ve finish the cuff and gotten about four rows into the herringbone pattern.


I also cast on for a store sample for Hub Mills of my upcoming CEY design, tentatively called Branches.  The pattern sample is in cranberry, but the store sample will be this gorgeous purple:


I cast on for this project, because I had finished the cape I was making as a store sample.  The pattern book won’t be out until June, so I have plenty of time to work on it.  But, when I work in the shop, I can only knit on projects for the store — I wanted to make sure I had something to do with my hands if it turned out to be a slow day.  As it happened, it WAS a slow day … but I didn’t work on the purple project at all.  Instead, I cast on (and then finished) a Sliver Ribband for the store.  We recently got in several kits by Laura Nelkin, and I got to make this one:



I stranded the beads and knit it up in a single day — the kit comes complete with the yarn, beads, clasp, pattern, and even a little threader to help put beads on the yarn. I give it high marks!

CO Monday: Evergreen Beanie

I was relatively restrained this week, and only cast on one new project — and a small project at that!  I’m making an Everdeen Beanie (from the Weekend Hats book). If you compare my brim and most-of-first-repeat photo (below) to the pattern photos, you will see I’ve made some mods. First and foremost, I opted for a 1×1 twisted rib (instead of 2×2 rib), because twisted rib is tidier (especially for loose knitters like me) and 1×1 rib flows into the body pattern better (IMHO). I had to do the first row of the pattern just a little different, in order to make everything flow just right — I’ll post full details when I finish the hat.