Help a Fellow Knitter! or, Remily Knits Loves Zombies and Reality TV

Hey all — you may remember my mentioning Craftlit once or a dozen times over the last few years.  It remains one of my favorite podcasts — reading books! making stuff! — if it had reality TV and zombies I would marry this podcast.

ANYway, the hostess of Craftlit is in a tricky spot with her younger child.  He had some fancy surgery several years ago to fix an ear defect, and he needs a repair ASAP in order to ensure that he doesn’t lose his new ear. Ms. Craftlit has sorted out the housing and airfare for the trip (the ear surgeon is in CA).  To raise a “food and other emergency” fund, she’s having a bit of a sale.

If you are so inclined, you can hop on over to her blog and read more about the situation and, more importantly, the myriad ways you too can help.  Things that might especially interest my (knitting) readers… she’s running a sale on her patterns, you could buy WWMDfK or preorder WeWMDpK.  (I made the Wilhemina Shawlette from the first book.)

IMG_2937(rev 1)

There are a lot of other cool knitting and literature things on her blog — go check it out, see if you can spare a couple bucks. You’ll get something neat that you want, and help a fellow knitter.  Just do it! 🙂


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