New Pattern Release: Eye of the Storm

I’m pleased to announce the publication of my latest pattern, Eye of the Storm!

PatternEye of the Storm

DesignerRachel Henry (that’s me!)

Available: $5 on Ravelry

Yarn: Schoppel-wolle Zauberwolle (one 100-gram ball)

This triple-layered scarf has been swirling in my head for the better part of a year. It started as an “I wonder if I can …” kind of question. In this case, the question was this: “I wonder if I can knit something with three different layers, all at the same time, without seams or any other tricks?” Could it be done? Yes!

Imagine the scarf as viewed from the end, with three legs. Trace the direction of knitting outward on a leg, then back inwards, then outward again on the next leg, then inwards again – each leg is worked out-then-in, and the legs are worked in order, counterclockwise.  I thought I might need three circular needles – one for each leg? – but as it turned out, by swapping needles in and out and the end of each leg-row, the three legs can be created with only two circular needles.  (The mathematician in my soul wonders if this means a scarf with N layers requires N-1 circular needles….)

Each layer in Eye of the Storm has the same lace edging. The layers are three different widths, revealing the lace on each layer. The unusual construction takes advantage of the long color repeats in Zauberwolle: because the layers are worked simultaneously, the color changes line up perfectly.

Many thanks to the lovely and cooperative Sara, who modeled Eye of the Storm for me.

Want to see how it’s accomplished?  Check out my video and photo tutorial.



10 thoughts on “New Pattern Release: Eye of the Storm

  1. This is beautiful and awesome! I love the technique. I don’t like wearing wool as a scarf, though. I’ve been getting into spinning, too, so I bought some gorgeous bamboo top in various colors that I shall learn to make color-changing yarn from, and then I shall knit a color-changing three-way scarf!

    …someday. 🙂 But I’m psyched.

  2. Okay, so I am trying to figure this out. How do I figure out how much to spin? I will certainly not be as reliable as a ball of zauberwolle, and it’s a different material, so it’s not gonna be 100g…. Is there a length associated with that number?

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