CO Monday: I’ve been a-swatching

No new projects this week! Instead, I’ve been swatching for Classic Elite Yarn.  Their Fall 2013 call for submission was inspiring, and I have sketches for three different projects.  I picked up swatching yarn last Thursday, and I’ve been working hard.  I think I’ve finally found the right cable design for the first idea. Yay!

In other news, I wanted to share a horrible thing that happened this weekend.  Brace yourself — it’s really sad.


I forgot my knitting at home, and was at a two-day agility trial without my knitting bag. 

I’ll give you a moment. I know, it’s hard to handle even the idea of no knitting.

I was fortunate in that I had some emergency backup knitting in the car — it’s my “waiting in the carpool lot” knitting, a hat I’m not crazy about in yarn that I love. So, it could have been worse.  I did get a day “behind” on my 365 Puffs project, but somehow, I will survive.


4 thoughts on “CO Monday: I’ve been a-swatching

  1. Ack! The last time I forgot my knitting while away from home, I wound up brow-beating hubby into finding an LYS, and came home with new Addis and a sweater’s worth of yarn. Now he reminds me to bring knitting every time I leave home.

  2. : – ) It’s funny how I carried cable needles with me when I was a flight attendant for 14 years (company went out of business). The one time I didn’t carry my knitting was to my parents in the Bronx early this year in February. Unfortunately I had to drag my mother with me to the Yarn Store on 82nd street. It was like being a child in a candy store.

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