FREE Mystery KAL: Lace Shawlette

I am very excited to announce my very first Mystery Knit-Along: Crushed.

As I have mentioned, I am working on a three-pattern collection of lace shawlettes.  Each one is made from a single skein of sock-weight yarn.  I’ve finished the samples and written the patterns for the first two, and I’m in the process of testing them. The third will be done soon.  I will be offering one of the patterns FREE as part of a Mystery KAL during the month of November.

I would like to invite all my readers to join this KAL.  I will be hosting it in the Remily Knits forum on Ravelry.

Mystery KAL icon (300)

Here’s a rough schedule:

  • available now: Pre-Clue (a swatch pattern)
  • Nov 8th: Clue #1 (setup and first few rows)
  • Nov 15th: Clue #2 (main body pattern)
  • Nov 22nd: Clue #3 (border)

9 thoughts on “FREE Mystery KAL: Lace Shawlette

  1. my first kal! Got mixed up with another one, but straightened it out today. Just finished clue 1, so I’m a little behind but…! I’m using 2 markers for the middle stitch. I re-place them in the correct position on the purl side. Tried the one movable stitch, but kept putting it in the wrong place. My yarn is dark maroon, and I knit at night, etc! It’s working for me very nicely. I was also going to put in beads rather than the nupps as I only have 350 yards (and the beads are less work!!).

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