Fiber Factor: Challenge #1 Results

Have you watched the judging episode for The Fiber Factor?  My presentation is at about minute 14 …

Of course I’m sad that I didn’t win, but I’m looking forward to using the feedback from the judges in the next challenge.  Of all the projects, my top three were Talitha’s striped top (with rocks), Jodie’s big blue throw, and Jennette’s cabled coat. I’m glad that own of my faves won! Congrats to Tal!

Now that Challenge #1 is over, I’m allowed to share a few more photos of my project.  To see them, go to my forum on the Fiber Factor website!



2 thoughts on “Fiber Factor: Challenge #1 Results

  1. I’m sad you didn’t win too!!! Your shawl is lovely and your work is beautiful. When do you find out what the scores are and where you fall with all the others? Does that yarn really leave you that much color between the changes? I had some in my hand on Saturday at the store but then wasn’t sure. I’m so excited to get to work with you on the 18th. I have had anticipatory angst and cannot find anything to work on in the meantime. See you then — Jane B.

    1. I don’t know if we will get our full scores … we are going to get the full video of judging, privately — so that will be great to hear! Unisono has looooong color changes — I didn’t manipulate the colors at all. The way it is skeined for sale, you really can’t tell! See you Saturday for sure, maybe Thursday as well?? I’ll have my Challenge #2 started by then …

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