Fiber Factor: Evolution on Ravelry

We’ve been given permission to put our Challenge #1 patterns for The Fiber Factor on Ravelry! Obviously this is just a placeholder for now — the pattern isn’t available for purchase just yet.

Go check out Evolution!

Skacel has exclusive rights for a while, but when rights revert to me I will publish on Ravelry. If you’d like a PM when the pattern does become available (either through Skacel or, later, through Remily Knits), please leave a comment on the pattern page.

Thank you!

P.S. Challenge #2 details will be out an 9am Pacific time — the video will go up on the Challenge #2 page at the same time that the competitors get the information.


4 thoughts on “Fiber Factor: Evolution on Ravelry

  1. Very nice Rachel. And a nice project for an advanced beginner or one willing to learn new skills.
    It puts me in mind of a sampler type of stitch work that a young girl would do to show off her skills and different stitches.
    (Went to ravelry and commented there too)

  2. Look forward to purchasing this pattern when it becomes available . Cannot wait to see your next completed assignment

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