New England Fiber Festival (NEFF) 2013

If all goes well … my friends and I have just arrived at the NEFF .  I have mad plans to instagram the heck out of this trip.  One of us (not me!) may even come home with their very own Angora bunny!

My instragram name is remilyh — I’ll see if I can manage to live tweet @RemilyKnits or live facebook to Remily Knits or something.  Lookit me, doing social media!!

In the mean time, you can read about our NEFF 2012 trip, and say “awwww” at the cute bunny:


Here’s my stuff from last year … my first drop spindle and first yarn ever! I’m pleased to say that I have spun EVERYTHING that I bought last year. I’ve even made stuff out of the yarn from the blue braid, the orange braid, and greenie-purple blend in the bag. I also just (just!) finished a big project with the laceweight yarn.  (Tune in next Friday for that update!)



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