Fiber Factor: Over and Out

This weekend at Vogue Knitting Live, the three four finalists for The Fiber Factor were announced.  Alas, I was not among them.  Truth be told, I’m more than a bit relieved.  Although it would have been an honor/super exciting/challenging/etc. to continue competing into the final round … it has also been exhausting/sometimes frustrating/etc.  I’ve felt constrained by the challenge schedule — I have not submitted many design proposals lately, nor have I started new designs of my own, because of the increasingly intense challenges.  Now that I’m out of the running, I can relax — knit more for my own pleasure, and also feel free to make new commitments to other yarn companies and magazines. It also means I can enjoy next week’s stint at Stitches East (I’m helping out in A Hundred Raven’s booth!) without concern that I’m using up valuable design time. 

I had a great experience — no regrets there!  One of the best things I learned during this competition is that even if I don’t immediately have a good idea for a call (aka challenge), I can come up with something I’m proud of with a little extra effort. In the past if I read a call for submission and it didn’t appeal, I just let it pass by — there are more calls than I can possibly respond to, so I have focused on the ones that spark immediate design ideas for me.  With the Fiber Factor, I didn’t have that luxury, obviously — I had to buckle down and think of something no matter how ?wtf? I felt on when I first read the challenge description.  As a result, I’ve designed some of my best work to date.  I’m trying to take this lesson to heart — sometimes the less obvious/easy road leads to interesting places.

ANYway, I think/hope that judging for round six will go up next week.  In the mean time, please feast your eyes on my submission: the Carillon Cloche and Bow. (Please comment on the Ravelry page for Carillon if you’d like a PM when the pattern becomes available.)






6 thoughts on “Fiber Factor: Over and Out

  1. Congratulations! No matter what, you did a great job and it was fun rooting for you. Best of luck in your future endeavors. I look forward to seeing your future creations. 🙂

  2. You are awesome Rachel! I loved every minute of watching. Your designs were great and I look forward to more in the future.

  3. Great job, Rachel. I can’t believe how all of you rose to those challenges time after time. And the cloche is beautiful. Wonderful use of a shawl pin. Ninaclock145

  4. I saw your hat in the fashion show last Saturday and I loved it. I also love your Frank Lloyd Wright inspired sweater and had the pleasure of looking at it up close after the show. I have purchased this pattern already. Keep designing, I think you’re great!

  5. Congratulations on all the good work you produced for each of the challenges. Regardless of the Fiber Factor results, alot more people have found you and your aesthetic from the show and look forward to seeing your new work in the future! Great job on all of it and can’t wait to see more in the coming months/years ahead!! Best wishes on your new chapter!

  6. I thought you and Natalie might end up in the finals (maybe Talitha, too?), but I’m sure it’s nice to have a breather!! It’s been really fun to be exposed to everyone’s creativity. 🙂

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