See you at Stitches!

Stitches East is in Hartford!  The booth for A Hundred Ravens is located to the right of the entrance, just past WEBS, at #400.  I’m working for Kate on Thursday and Friday — come say hi!  You already know I adore Kate’s yarns and colorways … come see for yourself! 🙂

Some Words From Kate:

Stitches East will be the debut of A Hundred Ravens’ winter color season, Ol Pejeta. These colors are inspired by the vivid, rich hues of the African savanna and the creatures who live there. In our travels we’ve seen many a beautiful and serene Savanna Sky, watched industrious ants on the deep green of a Whistling Thorn, marveled at the oranges and golds of a Savanna Sunrise, and gasped at the sudden flash of color of a vibrant, jewel-bright Lilac Breasted Roller.

Have you ever tried our yarns out? Yes, but have you tried all our yarns? If not, come to our yarn tasting table and indulge in samples of our most popular bases. Bring your needles or hooks and sit and chat and enjoy! And while you’re at it… participate in daily raffles to win great prizes.

Need I say more??


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