FO Friday: Ginger Socks

Socks for my mom, pair 4 of 5!

Project: Pretty Ginger Socks

Pattern: Fosco’s Pret-Pret-Pretties

Designer: Heather Ordover

Available: $6 on Ravelry  or $16.95 for the 28-pattern e-book, What Else Would Madame DeFarge Knit?

Yarn: Tosh Sock in Ginger

This was an interesting pattern to knit, with neat lace and cables. Lots going on to keep a novelty-seeking knitter like myself occupied and entertained! However, I did run into some problems with the charts (symmetry issues, which were relatively easy to spot); and, later on I had problems with the heel/gusset — I’m not sure if it was my fault or not, but I did eventually give up and just do a heel I was more familiar with. Because of this, I would recommend holding off on knitting your own Pretty Socks until the errata have been published.


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