CO Monday: Phoenix Wing on Fire

I picked up a second set of This Yarn is On Fire minis from Kate, along with two skeins of Polar Bare (just undyed yarn), because I want to make something amazing ….  Phoenix Wing!  I’ve completed the pattern through “Field 6” (of 36), but these are the little fields — it gets a lot bigger!

There is an “English” version of the pattern, but only the first page general instructions are actually translated.  The bulk of the pattern is written line-by-line using German knitting abbreviations.  The pattern includes a page of explanations, but it is like learning my knitting abbreviations all over again: Ma means CO, Ak means BO, b3vE means knit until three stitches before the end of the row, 2z is k2tog, etc.  I’m doing ok now, but it was a steep learning curve!  Not for the faint of heart.



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