See you at NEFF!

NEFF stands for New England Fiber Festival!  NEFF is this weekend (Nov 1 & 2) at the Big E in Springfield, MA. It’s the first big yarn and fiber festival I ever went to, and it remains my favorite.  I like that the animal barn is the first thing you encounter — llamas and bunnies and sheep, oh my! — and I like that the booths are all organized and indoors.  There is a preponderance of small businesses, so that the floor is not dominated by big name stores or brands. There is a fleece sale (I haven’t gotten THAT brave yet) and plenty of sellers for spinners and other “tangential” crafts.

I’ll be at NEFF both days, staffing the booth for A Hundred Ravens. We’re in the back on the left as you enter the big part of the building — stop by for a visit!  We will have lots and lots of minis … including 12 sets of “Starry Night” minis — new for this festival.



4 thoughts on “See you at NEFF!

  1. I have met you and bought your patterns and Iachos yarn when you were in Maine. I have tried TWICE to order more yarn from a hundred ravens. I placed the same order again two days ago. I have received no confirmation email and no response to my emails to find out if my order went through!!! I am SO frustrated!!!

  2. Hello! I’m so sorry you have been frustrated in getting your hands on some more 100 Ravens yarn. I’m not directly involoved in the orders process, so I’m not able to explain why you have had so much trouble. (I design patterns, help out in the dye studio once a week, and work some shows – Kate and Becca own the business and handle all the orders.)

    I have forwarded your message to them. Hopefully they can help you sort things out.

    It will help if you give me a good email address to communicate with you (you posted on a year-old blog post here). You can email me at

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