New Pattern: Nahant Stole/Scarf

Who loves handspun? I do! I’m pleased to share this new design via

I give you … Nahant!


I read about fractal spinning and had to try it out. Like magic, colorful high-contrast fiber fluff became self-striping-ish prismatic handspun. I absolutely adored the finished yarn, but it needed to be knit up into something special.

rh01 spring fever fiber

rh02 spring fever fractal spun

Pattern searches left me unsatisfied — the only solution was to design the perfect stole. My requirements: mostly stockinette, with just enough pattern to keep my interest without distracting from the colorful yarn.

nahant full length

Nahant highlights the color changes of my fractal handspun with a subtle leaf pattern that doesn’t fight for attention. Knit on the bias, it resists curling. Use any weight yarn (just choose the appropriate needle), and make it as wide or as narrow as you like. Length is flexible too, so you can make the most of that precious handspun yarn.



Extra thanks to Donna (who helped me get photos at Nahant Beach for submission to Knitty) and Rebecka (who modeled “springier” pictures for me, as per Knitty’s quite reasonable request).



8 thoughts on “New Pattern: Nahant Stole/Scarf

  1. I love the scarf. I wish you wrote the instructions out. I’m not a ‘chartie’ person. Had no idea you live in the Boston area. I am here as well.

    1. Honestly, this one is SOOO simple, that writing it out seemed unnecessary. I totally understand not wanting to work from a chart … but maybe you could write out the rows yourself, and then work from that?

  2. You are amazing! I always feel inspired by your designs. I also love the vest you designed, I think for NY. Can’t wait to make that.
    Thank you, Kris LeBlanc

    1. Thank you so much! You are correct, the Mini Marvel Vest debuted at Vogue Knitting Live. There are couple Mini Marvel WIPs …. can’t wait to see how they come out!

    1. I really enjoyed the spinning AND the plying AND the knitting … it’s a great way to deal with a high-contrast bit of roving :). Glad you like Nahant!

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