CO Monday: Torque Scarf

So … last week I got my hands on my special-order Aesir from A Hundred Ravens.  I had a specific project in mind, and I asked Kate to dye a batch of Aesir in “mostly Bree, but less orange and more tonal in general.”

She took a look at the project I was planning, and made this for me:

And, here are the first two gears of my Torque Scarf!

Cast-On Monday: more design ideas

So I have this pretty-pretty yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts — Socks That Rock Lightweight, from the Nov 2012 shipment of the Rockin’ Sock Club.

I’ve wanted to make something with it for AGES — I’ve assigned it to patterns, then changed my mind, etc.

Then, last week, I saw a call for submission from BMFA — for their upcoming sock club, no less!  I loved the yarn and patterns I received as a sock club member, and it would be SO COOL to have one of my patterns go out to club members, so of course I started brainstorming right away.

I can’t reveal details, naturally, but I think I can tell you I’m submitting something for the “not a sock” pattern, and that it has nifty construction and a sweet stitch pattern.  If BMFA doesn’t take the pattern, rest assured I will definitely be self-publishing this one.

CO Monday: Flywheel, a new shawl design!

I’m very excited about my latest design project!  I hardly dare say it (because jinx), but it’s coming together so effortlessly, and I looooove it so much! Here’s a bit of the first motif:


One of the joys of being and indie designer is that I can share photos whenever I like! So there.

My new collection of shawls is called “Clockwork.”  Each shawl will feature different fingering-weight yarn from A Hundred Ravens.  I’m using the yet-to-be-released spring/summer colors, and each two-skein shawl will feature two different colorways. I’ve seen some preview skeins, and they are unspeakably lovely, so I hope you are all super jealous 🙂 :).

I swatched madly and then cast on for the first shawl, Flywheel, this week, using Llyr, a silk/wool blend with all the drape and shine you’d expect.  I’m using two semi-solid colorways, and some really interesting and fun stitch patterns.  This design will probably be my mystery KAL pattern for the collection. (Interested?  Make sure to sign up for my email list to be notified first about mystery KAL updates.)

CO Monday: Everything in January

Oh dear, oh dear … how has January slipped away from me?

Actually, I know the answer to that question.  It has multiple parts. Part the first: I committed to finished two large/long projects for Classic Elite for their fall(ish) pattern books. I knit a big crescent shawl/wrap and a cardigan, both on size 4 needles, using about 1100 and about 1250 yards of fingering-weight yarn, respectively.  That’s a lot of stitches! 🙂  I finished both samples by the contracted deadline, but it was a near thing with the cardi. I’m really glad I finished on time, but there was a couple weeks there where I was really head-down on design — so no new projects at all the first two weeks of January.

Part the second: unrelated to knitting, I was competing in agility trials with Clewe and Gromit four weekends in a row. It was awesome and fun, but also exhausting.  Often I come home Sunday evening after a trial, and just fall down. My usual Sunday post-writing doesn’t happen.  When I have my act together, I write posts for the upcoming week BEFORE leaving for the trial, say on Friday for instance, but again — the knitting. The busy. The holiday hangover….

ANYway, excuses aside, here I am — with any luck, back to my regular schedule of Cast-On Monday, Finished Object Friday, and Something Else on Wednesday.


I started lots of new projects in January.  I made it even easier to cast on (as if I needed help) by tagging all my “haveyarn” patterns in my Ravelry Queue with the size needle I plan to use when I make the project. This means that when I finish something, thus freeing up my (say) #4 Signature needles, I can narrow down my choices to patterns that I both “have yarn” for and want to use a #4 for.

Speaking of freeing up my #4s, check out these delightfully purple mittens!  I’m nearly done with my Sssstarter Mittens in Aesir (“Bacchante”):



Moving on into gorgeous pinks, I cast on for a new design project. This one is for Dream in Color, and uses both Wisp and DIC Classy-with-Cashmere:




Next up: Miss Winkle in Iachos (“Frances and the Leaping Fairy”)




I started two new hats: Jean’s Irish Hat in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Hudson (“Stormy Aegean”) and Lutine Cap in BMFA LW (“Mustang Sally”)





Last but not least, a new design project — a variation on my Wibbly Wobbly Cowl that is designed to be worn as a head kerchief.  No name yet, but you had better bet “Timey Wimey” is in the running :).


CO Monday: Handspun Edition

I couldn’t resist casting on a bunch of projects using my very own handspun yarn!

With my big batch of 2-ply Sleep Hollow, I’m making a Molly scarf.  I’m super excited about how it’s coming along — what a great little pattern for a yarn with long color changes!  (No wonder, since it was designed for Liberty Wool … )


I have a tiny bit of merino-silk 2ply made from leftovers of the Sleepy Hollow yarn, so I’m making an awesome coffee cup cozy (seriously, the pattern is called “We’re Just That Awesome Cup Cozy“). So far I love how the pattern is working up.


Finally, I’m using my gradient skein of Mad Color to make a Lamina scarf. I’ve only done a few rows, but I’m thinking I might need to go down a needle size or two. I’ll finish a motif and see how it looks …


Cast-On Monday: Pretty Ginger Socks, Chateau Clapotis

I finished a pair of socks for myself last week, so it’s back to the “socks for mom” project. I cast on for pair #4 on Saturday, using Sock Tosh in Ginger and following Fosco’s Pret-Pret-Pretties pattern (by Heather Ordover). I’m looking forward to learning the Welsh Heel!


I also bought three skeins of Chateau in a lovely soft pink. I’m making a scarf-width Clapotis for my MIL for Christmas. Don’t tell! 😉

Cast-On Monday: Handspun Twist & Shout, Farfalla in Fall

I’ve been doing a lot of spinning since the New England Fiber Fest — I’ll save the details for a FO Friday post, but for now feast your eyes on my long-draw woolen 2-ply from Spunky Eclectic’s hand-painted Targhee roving:


This was my first time with a new spinning technique, so the finished product is a bit unevenly spun and is definitely “thick and thin” in weight.  I chose a simple pattern for bulky yarn that would let me wear the sumptuously soft, pretty blue yarn right by my face: Twist and Flounce by Sharon Dreifuss.  I love how it’s working up so far:


I also started a project with the test skeins from the gradient dyeing day with Kate.  I met Christiane Burkhard (of Lismi Knits) at Fiber Festival, and got to see her Farfalla in person.  It had been in my queue for quite a while, and seeing it in person made me bump it up in my queue.  I had had plans to knit some faux-isle mittens and hat with the coordinating/contrasting skeins of bright fall colors and slate gray, but the yarn was perfect for a Farfalla.  The design here is so clever, and it’s an enjoyable knit so far: