Cast-On Monday: Geschenk, Stucco, and a new idea …

Three new projects this week!

First up: I cast on using some of my handspun for Geschenk.  The  handspin in question is from Patches and Butterscotch (of Long Island Livestock).  I bought it at last year’s FFNE — spun it as skinny as I could and then made 2-ply.  I got about 230 yards out of 4 oz of llama roving.


Second, I started a Stucco using two skeins of sumptuous Danu in Iris. It’s a simple pattern for a wild yarn — I’m a couple repeats in, and I think it’s going to be great! (I’m always worried about how strong-contrast variegated colorways will look as I knit them up.)


Last but not least, I started a new design prototype.  I’m using Llyr in Leaf — a sweet tonal green. I’m using half-linen stitch again. The item in question is an asymmetrical cowl with two buttons — it’s going well so far, and I’ll show you more when I can :).



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